About me…

Hi I’m Lauren! 

C’est Moi
I’m Mama to B who was born in Spain in 2010 and has severe ASD (autism) and attends a special needs school. She can communicate needs (basic foods, ipad, swings) through one word requests and lots of concentration or by using pecs (picture exchange communication.) Although she can physically speak and can recite whole film scripts and book texts (echolalia) she is still pretty much and verbal and fully reliant on me for all her needs. She’s a cheeky little think though, obsessed with Peppa Pig and her iPad she shares my love of cake!  

     And I’m mummy to L born in the much less sunny Sutton Coldfield in December 2011! He’s up at the other end of the spectrum meaning he is verbal and interacts really well in most aspects but he struggles with anxiety and needs thing explaining very simply. He loves cars, trains, superheroes, hats and masks (of the superhero variety!) He is my little dude and just as cheeky as his sister!  


I run an organisation called Square Peg Clothing which helps children with disabilities.  I am a bit obsessed with US TV dramas, Harry Potter and cake in no particular order.



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