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Ahhh, just look at them. Sharing space, sharing an activity (ok yes they’re watching tv!) Being together is something that they don’t often do, they spend all their time together but in reality they are apart. 

Even though having two children 19 months apart was never a “plan” I did daydream that they would play together and bicker like the siblings I knew growing up. 

They do NOT play together, Bella doesn’t do playing with other children. logan would love to play and interact with his big sister but I think he knows that this is just the way it is.

Autism is the wedge between them. It makes her want to play solo and makes him unable to see the line he often crosses when he decides to try and tempt her into play.

This scene didn’t last of course, moments later Logan was screaming and I ran in to see Bella properly kicking him. He just takes it. He doesn’t retaliate, just cries…which of course don’t wash on Bella.

Logan has had a rough day. He got bitten and school and now attacked by his sister. Things can only get better hey? 

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One thought on “Siblings

  1. Oh this is really sad. I’m sorry there is that barrier between them. Mine fight too, but they do have a strong bond there as well, it must make it really hard as a parent if that bond can’t form. Thanks for linking up with us. #bigpinklink

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