Logan’s homework book


Every week Logan gets a new sheet of homework activities relating to what he has been looking at in class. Usually there are about 6 activities for the week and we usually get through about 4 or 5. At the moment he loves it and I love getting to see what he’s been learning and take a small part in it. 

The activities are varied from draw a picture of…..  talk to your parent about…. go for a walk and look at…

I don’t feel at this stage that there is any pressure and it’s a great way for me to see his progress. While he’s enjoying it (I don’t expect it’ll last for long) I’m making the most of it.

Bella has always had homework and while she never struggled with it, it is often a struggle for me to get her to focus on it. Logan always wanted to join in so he’s super happy to have his own homework book!

I feel this idea of “homework” is really relaxed and I’m all for it. What do you think about homework in reception?


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