Sometimes you just have to go with the flow around here and sometimes it feels more like I’m swimming against the tide. Bella is a climber and a balancer, it’s part of her feline charm…sometimes however things don’t balance quite as well as she does. Take last week for example, I’m sitting in the living room feeling all smug that the kids are tucked up quietly in bed at 8.30pm (both with tablets, come on I’m not a miracle worker!) When it starts. A whine, very distinctively Bella’s whine which grows in frustration and rises in pitch. “She’ll be fine in a minute” I kid myself. She’s not fine after 2 minutes so I go to investigate. I find her pacing the room frantically, Logan is oblivious on the top bunk watching American children play with toys I won’t buy him.
“What’s wrong?” I ask hopefully.

“What’s wrong, what’s wrong, good girl.” she echoes. This usually means she doesn’t know the words for what she needs so I have to start guessing.

“Where is your ipad Bella?” it’s not an ipad it’s a £60 equivalent from Argos after about 4 ipads were lost to baths, juice spillages or just being dropped on concrete.

“Ipad, good girl.” Bingo got it in one, but where is it? Bella meanwhile is still pacing, from the bed to the window but this time she stops looking out of the window.

Noooo, she wouldn’t!

Yeah she did!

Thankfully we live on the ground floor so it survived the dive into the flowerbed. But seriously why does she feel the need to balance it ontop of the window which she pushes open? These idiosyncrasies are cute when no harm comes of them. They are less fun when her ‘thing’ is balancing a real Apple ipad on the edge of a full sink of water.

The window is now obviously shut, thank God for winter eh?

Although I will miss these random upside down writing practice I sometimes find.

Never a dull moment.


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