Two weeks in mainstream 

After two weeks at school you would never know that Logan was a newbie. His school did none of this ‘breaking them in.’ He started on the Monday and boom that was him full time. He took to it like a proverbial duck to water. Some may say that it’s luck, I say it’s down to months of hard work from his nursery prepping him ready for September. 

Day one he had a wobble and said he didn’t want me to leave, then he spotted some boys and a box of ’emergency vehicles’ and I was left redundant so I made my exit. At 3pm he bounded out looking so happy. What had I been worried about? Well if we went back in time  and removed his transition process I’d probably have a lot more to worry about.

Logan had a full week at school before Bella went back and rocked the boat which is actually a saviour as he was late twice in his second week, had it been his first I think he would have freaked out. Logan is quite the pack animal, he like rules and boundaries and other children to follow so going in late on his own is less than ideal for him.

Happy post school!

In someway I think I spent so much time and energy worrying and prepping Logan that I took my eye off the ball with Bella…but who knows. What I do know is that two weeks in he loves it, long may it continue. I’m pretty sure there will be hurdles to approach and tackle but for now I am basking in the glory of my “more typical” autistic child. Yeah…I know that’s not a thing.


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