This is progress.

For too long Bella has ‘got away’ with having more done for her than she needs. Ok that might be a bit unfair but she is, in my opinion, capable of much more than she let’s on or that people give her credit for. I’ve made it my mission this summer to get her more independent and I’m starting with dressing. Everyday she is dressed and undressed as unlike her brother she shows no awareness of even really needing to wear clothes. She does go through phases where she only wants to wear Square Peg hoodies and zip ups but other than this I’m pretty sure if I let her she’d go out in just a nappy if I let her. 

Well not anymore. It’s my summer mission to get her dressing herself God help me! At least there are no strict time constraints unlike when her school taxi is bibbing the  horn outside!

4 weeks and counting before she’s back at school. I really hope they’ll see a difference, independent is a word often used with Bella but usually as a negative meaning difficult to direct or stubborn. 

This girl can. This girl will.


Like my friend said, look how it’s still Bella style balancing on the TV stand!


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