Raising children often turns into a competition, the first to walk, talk, wean, the first to read, SATs results and so on. When you’re parenting children with special needs these goals become obsolete, you either never met them or you start to slowly slip behind. 

Bella is exceptional in many ways, she can count and read beyond her years, she can pick out tunes on the piano with relative ease. She can do all this but can’t converse, can’t irritate me with questions like her brother. She can’t use the toilet, can’t play in the same way as her peers or indeed with her peers. 

Until her 16 month mark she was mostly hitting her targets, she walked, gurgled, clapped hands….then everything slowed down almost to a stop. The targets ever since have meant nothing. It’s time to redefine my own targets for her;

By the end of the summer she will be able to put on her own T-shirt ready for school. this will mean I only need to put her feet into her trouser as she can pull them up herself. Life skills are so important

.After that we’ll try socks which is something Logan still struggles with.

Speaking of Logan my goal for him is;

To learn to write the letter a. He gets so angry that he can’t write the penultimate letter in his name.

Just in time for school!


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