Catch up…

So Logan officially graduated nursery (thank you USA for more mini celebrations) although he’s still there all summer at their playscheme so I’ve held back on his teachers gifts. When he leaves I’ll have been using that nursery continuously for 4 years. The staff have been more than amazing, they have supported me and my children far more than was expected and I’ll never find the words to thank them. 

 I also can’t believe I won’t get to interact with them daily even though Logan will be at the school next door. The silver lining is that I get to add them all on Fb now! 

Bella has finished year one at her Autism school and looks forward to going back in September into the new, all singing, all dancing building which it’s moving to. In reality I’m not sure she knows she’s going anywhere new. Her report was great, filled with positives about her learning and progress and just how lovely she is. The only negative for me was that she failed her phonics test. I know that in reality it means less than nothing…but reading is something she can do above and beyond her years. She scored 30/40 and all the ones she got wrong were the silly/non-words which she tried to turn into real words. The fact that her teacher even managed to get her to take the test is fantastic! That’s what I should be focusing on, last year that would have been a pipe dream. Today she sight read rum and raisin and salted caramel so she’s got her priorities sorted. 

Bella loving chocolate on holiday, day one

Sorry the updates have been so few and far between, Square Peg Foundation has been super busy and school holidays bleugh. More updates coming soon!


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