I want to ride my bicycle!

I’ve always been adamant that my children would ride bikes early as I was 7 before I was riding a two wheeled bike simply though lack of opportunity in an inner city as well as a stack.load of fear on my part. Well I now have a 4 and a 6 year old and neither can ride a two wheeler or are likely to anytime soon.

As with everything parenting-wise I’ve had to shift my perspective and paint a new picture. Logan is tall for his age and I was told last year that he was too tall for a balance bike. I was frustrated that I waited so long (at his whole 3.5 years) as I’d been adamant I didn’t want to go down the stabilisers route. C’est la vie….or so I thought. One year later and he’s pretty comfortable on his stabilised bike…but then we found Ped i Bal.

A balance bike for 4-12 year olds which graduates through to a two wheeler at their own speed.

Look at that face! Ok it’s a bit more costly than his current 10 quid second hander but if it lasts until he’s 12 (probably 8 knowing him) then it’s worth it surely!

Onto Bella, and at 6 she is not even ready to ride a regular bike with stabilisers. While she loves being on a bike and can pedal like crazy, she has no sense of direction or danger and it would be minutes before she crashes into a wall! We borrowed a special needs trike for a while and although I’d love to get her one of her own…where the heck we’d keep it I have no idea! (And yes this is ignoring the fact that they cost about £500!!)

She got to have another turn on a SN bike this weekend and she had a blast!

One day I hope she’ll have her own or, even better, be able to ride a normal bike (I wouldn’t even complain about stabilisers!!!)

Completely coincidentally I went on my first bike ride today in near enough 20 years! It was great fun and I’m really looking forward to getting out again soon.

Helmet hair don't care!


6 thoughts on “I want to ride my bicycle!

  1. I loved the Ped-i-bal and am definitely getting one for Tinker. She has a balance bike but never really used it, but this looks so much better ☺️

  2. Hi, did you know you can convert any bike into a balance bike by removing the pedals and chain? Might be worth a try and would save you quite a few bob!

      1. … or if you don’t want to get your hands dirty / havent got the tools just take it in to your local bike repair shop, they should do it for a few pounds 😊

  3. Don’t feel bad, there are so many things to teach and spend time doing when kids are growing up! The balance bike is the way to go. My advice would be to make it nice a low so that he can put both feet flat on the ground and he’ll feel more confident to lift his feet and balance. Without bragging, my son started on a balance bike on his second birthday and was riding a bike without pedals and without stabilisers at 3yrs. It’s so much easier when they are little- they develop fear as they get older x

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