Once more into battle.

It’s been a whole 13 months since I had to go to a second tribunal for Bella’s DLA mobility element (which we won BTW.) Peace and calm has prevailed (well as much as it can with a Bella and a Logan in my life!) Well…it looks like I need to dig out my boxing gloves once again as another fight seems imminent.

This week I nervously awaited a phonecard from our disability Social Worker. Attaining one in the first place was an epic mission which took me months to get as nobody seemed to know where to direct me to find one. Not Bella’s special school, not our Gp, not our children’s centre and not even the people who even work in the same department as her. Talk about the right hand not knowing what the other is doing!

Anyway I found her in the end and she came to see me, she spent three hours asking questions about Bella, Logan, me and my family, their dad and his family! Mainly she wanted to know what I as a single parent needed. Quite frankly I didn’t know what was on offer, I have heard of direct payments but I don’t know what they are, I have “heard” you can get all sorts of things but I never knew how, or what. Primarily in my mind we have the summer holidays looming which in Bella’s case is 8 weeks this year! I and she need some structure as even over a weekend she regresses by Sunday and then on Monday morning she is very angry at having to get dressed and ‘do things.’ 

Logan’s nursery (and Bella’s old nursery) have said they will happily take her over the summer which is a placement I’m happy with, Bella will love, and hopefully Logan will be there too (corporate funding pending!) 

Fast forward to this week when the Social Worker went to panel to present us and our needs, and they said no. No. No they won’t give her support, they won’t support me or indeed Logan. Their response: Her dad should have her more. Ooooh ok, now I understand. He should give up his job so he can’t then fiancially support them…or maybe he can control his own health issues which I made explicitly clear to the social worker!

I’m awaiting the official letter to begin the appeal process but with only a few weeks left of this term who knows what will happen; but for now I’ll just stand over here and bang my head against this wall! 



7 thoughts on “Once more into battle.

  1. I remember these fights well when trying to get my son moved from mainstream school to a specialist school. I just tried to keep thinking of the good it will do him to keep me going. Hope you get what you need x

  2. I’m sorry its so difficult for you to get the help you need. Its a shame with these things that they cant be more transparent about whats available and how to get it. You always have to go digging yourself. I hope it works out for you ( ps mind your head!) #kcacols

  3. Oh no what a nightmare! I’m so so sorry to hear that! It is really frustrating. I really hope you get this sorted. And I agree, what a stupid response from the panel, 😦 Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. It is nice to have you for the first time. I hope that you like it, x

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