Birthday Rules!

Having a child who doesn’t have a clue it’s their birthday is a double edged sword. On one hand Bella has no build-up, no list of presents, no excitement…on the other hand it’s really easy for me! At now aged 6 she has never shown any disappointment that I bought the wrong style of toy or that I chose an Anna cake instead of an Elsa one, you know real first world problems. Ok I understand that I am being flippant but me being upset about her lack of awareness won’t change anything so I prefer to see it from the other side. Don’t get me wrong, just because she doesn’t know it’s her birthday does not mean that I don’t still go to town! She had presents, cake (multiple) and a party just like any other 6 year old girl..well almost like everyone else.

  1. Note to all, don’t wrap presents for Bella she gets less joy from unwrapping them than you do wrapping them up. Basically if they are wrapped she doesn’t know what they are so ignores them indefinitely.
  2. CakeΒ is important, the candles are even more important and singing Happy Birthday is essential (although some random people get a slap for singing it?!) This part of the birthday routine is he only bit that gets much response. Lots of flapping and singing are the norm for Miss Bella-Mouse and she normally cheers “Happy Birthday” at the end which is adorable! Blowing the candles out still needs a lot of help but she loves watching them go out and be lit again…and again…and again!13313797_10154218605664579_157479238_o
  3. Parties are difficult, Bella doesn’t join in games or often even play with other children but I put my thinking cap on and the combination of mobile sensory room where she often went to hide (and scoff popcorn,) a big secure room where she could safely run around and a bouncy castle were just enough for her. I invited 7 children with 4 coming plus her brother but that was absolutely fine for her. A McDonald’s Happy Meal and another cake meant a perfect few days.

If I were to have words of wisdom (it doesn’t happen often I promise) it would be to do what they love. Don’t worry if it’s weird or “not the normal” thing or “what you had envisaged.” Make their day their kind of amazing!

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3 thoughts on “Birthday Rules!

  1. congratulations! I am glad your party was a success, birthday parties are so tricky for many children but especially if you have a special need. But you absolutely nailed it in your final paragraph, do what they enjoy! Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime πŸŽ‰

  2. It looks like a great party to me! I’m glad she enjoyed herself and had fun. I love that you said do what they enjoy because it is so easy to get caught up expectation of it all. For my toddler I always feel pressured to make his parties as fancy as the others that I go to but it just seems like so much work (too much work) for such a young child. Especially when he would be happy with a big room to run around in and some balls and balloons. I don’t know when we started spending so much time and money on a two year olds birthday. I think as long as they have fun the rest does matter so much. Thanks for sharing! #PuddingLove

  3. It looks like a fab day to me πŸ™‚ so important to do what they enjoy rather than trying to enforce the ‘norm’ – after all it was Mouse’s birthday so its important that she enjoys the celebration. Thanks for linking up with #PuddingLove

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