Transition Tigers

We got our 1st choice for Logan’s reception class thank god!!


He’ll be going in September without an EHCP so I have obviously been crapping myself about how he’ll cope. His school is attached to the nursery he attends and the staff have sprung into action with his transition (I know how amazing are they, I hadn’t even asked them to start!) He goes over to the school everyday for his lunch anyway so vaguely knows the building.

Today they took him in through the reception entrance and into the playground which sounds simple enough until half a dozen kids he knows already spotted him and got excited trying to play with him. He in true Logan style shut down, overwhelmed and just kept repeating that he was a tiger and that tigers don’t play. After a few minutes his teacher managed to maneuver him out and persuaded him to hold “paws” (tigers don’t have hands.) Once outside…bang….back to normal, like nothing happened and he said he wanted to stay. Three cheers for a nursery getting it right!

They didn’t take him back today obviously but  it’s a good sign for tomorrow.

He is a fan of tigers can you tell?



Watching – The Good Wife OMG I’ve just started and am on Season 2 already, how have I missed this in my life Mrs Dr Ross & Mr Big! The A-Word ; still hate it, still can’t stand really any of the characters but it’s like a car crash I can’t take my eyes off.


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