A Melty-Mouse

An after school meltdown is never enjoyable, when you’ve only just managed to calm your other child down after nursery it’s even worse.

A meltdown for Bella consists of sobbing, and trying to do the same thing over and over again, pretty much nothing I say or do can calm her. I can give her space or bear hug her she never knows what she wants and gets so distressed. When one hits sometimes nothing will help other than chucking Bella in the shower, water generally never fails to calm her down (except when, like today it’s her love of pouring water on the floor and my aversion to the same thing that sets off the meltdown.) Getting her clothes off isn’t easy at the best of times and I know a day will come when she’s sitting in the shower fully dressed. We all live in pretty damp environment thanks to Bella’s obsession with water…if she can see it she will get to it and she will pour it over anything!

The disaster that is her hair will have to be tacked another day, half a tub of conditioner and leave in conditioner isn’t helping and I cannot face the battle of the hairbrushing, not today.

The knot monster has arrived!

Having a knowledge of things that can calm her down is a blessing. There aren’t many on the list and they don’t always work but when they do it’s a bloomin’ life saver!

  • Bath/Shower – she’s water mad so this works more often than not but it’s not so handy when the meltdown is in the middle of Primark
  • Painting – This has happened a couple of times, we had some paint your own mug type type things and twice these projects have stemmed off a meltdown…however I have a massive aversion to craft/messy play with Bella specifically as she has about a 30 second attention span and then she invariably (and I’m not joking) starts painting a face…on her own face! Deep joy and it usually ends with her in the shower so I may aswell have just done the first option. As above this also isn’t ideal in Primark!
  • Tablet/Phone/Internet – Both kids love Netflix and have their own tablets at bedtime, I try not to give them any devices at other times but when we’re in Primark  House of Fraser you know I’m whipping the phone out if it calms her down…it then invariably starts her brother off moaning and stropping but that is something I can cope with, meltdowns are something else.

Just as a note for anyone not aware,

  • A meltdown is not a tantrum.
  • It is not done to get attention or their own way
  • It can involve violence because the person cannot control themselves
  • The tactics I’ve said above can calm or dodge meltdowns, it’s not giving in.
  • A meltdown can be heartbreaking to watch and can go on for hours.


So tonight Bella dropped of to sleep sometime after 6pm, just the 4 hours earlier than usual so wish me luck in the night!



Watching – The Mysteries of Laura (love Debra!) The Flash and the end f Gotham which I fell asleep watching the night before.


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