Day tripper

I have a love/hate relationship with trips out. On the one hand I love taking the kids out to experience new things but on the other hand I worry that it won’t; be accessible for Bella’s special needs buggy or that there won’t be anywhere suitable to change her should I need to. I worry that if we don’t take a picnic that there won’t be somewhere that sells chips or pizza (which actually is harder than you might think in a pinch!) The Thanktank is our closest science museum and is pretty good on the whole accessibility side other than the fact that you spend an awful lot of time waiting to go up and down between levels in the lift. Here’s a clue people: if your legs work and there are stairs, use them!

We arrived at around 11am and there was a queue of fairly epic proportions, luckily we were there with a group so we collected our wristbands and walked straight in, boom. The only issue was that the Planetarium which was one of the main reason for going again so soon (we went a couple of weeks back) needed to be booked separately in that rather epic queue I mentioned. Bugger.

If there is one thing that many autistic people struggle with it is queuing…especially when they know we already have tickets to get in and explore. Nevermind, we can play for a bit then book the tickets when we go for lunch.

Fast Forward >>>>>>

It’s lunch time, I was prepared with a jam sarnie for Berry and sausages and crisps for Mouse. IMG_0109

Very healthy I hear you cry, well Mouse must have agreed as she catapulted the sausages out of Grandads hand and across the dining area thankfully missing the other guests. This is not new behaviour, last year in Blackpool she threw a chicken nugget across a packed chippy and it landed right under somebody’s foot. There have been other times but I’m pretty sure I have blocked the memories for fear I’ll never let us eat out again!

Well the queue after lunch was still bordering on the ridiculous so we decided on a bit more play:

So at 1.30pm I headed back up to the desk to find the queue had gone! Huzzah!

“Can I book tickets for the Planetarium please?”

“Oh yes, we have 4.30 available.”

“4.30??? That’s three hours off.”

“Yeah sorry all the other shows are fully booked.”

Well it’s safe to say I had a little stamp of the feet and may have made the girl behind the desk feel guilty…and then had to apologise saying I knew it wasn’t her fault. But seriously, on a day when an Autism charity have bulk booked tickets a little pre-planning wouldn’t have gone amiss. While I can get Bella out of her buggy to explore for a while she invariably gets overwhelmed and starts running (away very fast) or lies down on the floor which results in this. mouse on the floor

This obviously ends up with people staring but ah well. The behaviour I can’t allow is when she rams people out of the way trying to do her best “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” impression.* When it’s an adult it’s quite amusing as they generally have no idea what to do and just move over letting the five year old have what she wants. When it’s a two year child who is half her height then I really have a duty to intervene (not that all two year olds deserve to be rescued by me but I at least have to show willing.) Eventually she always ends up back in her buggy though, quite often because she wants to be there. The Planetarium absolutely captured her imagination last time we visited as she filled the quiet moments with “Wowwww Juuuupitorrr!” Again this raised eyebrows but it just made us laugh.

So the Planetarium didn’t happen and I’m still a bit miffed especially as it was one of the selling points in getting Grandad to come along on his day off.

Over all the day went well, we saw lots of families we know and other than Logan doing a face-plant into a glass display wall all went fairly smoothly. The kids were exhausted by the end so of course they were up running riot until past 10.30pm which meant I was in a flipping fowl mood exhausted by bed. These light nights are a real nightmare, thank heavens for the Cbeebies bedtime song, at least that let’s the kids know that I’m not pulling a fast one and trying to fool them into their bedrooms at 4pm!

Day out was an 8/10, Kids behaviour 10/10 (I know I’m shocked too!) Accessibility 8/10 Planetarium 0/10


Watching- The A Word episode 2 (well that meltdown was epic, not so much!! Let’s be honest it was a mild tantrum, why t f**k are they knowingly allowing a 5yo to wander off down a road every morning and awaiting him being brought back by a passing transit van?? Set this programme on a council estate and Social Services would be hammering down the door! Oh and I hope Joe’s EHCP is in place before viewing that  SN school pahaha don’t get me started. There are some subtle brilliant moments but I feel the whole programme is rushed, all these things happen verrrrry slowly and it’s bloody annoying seeing it happen at lightspeed!)   Also watched this weeks The Flash – much more realistic 😉


4 thoughts on “Day tripper

  1. Aww, too bad about the planetarium. It looks like you were able to partake in some other awesome things though! Cool place to check out – that’s for sure!

    Thank you so much for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop).

    Wishing you a lovely day.

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