Chocolate day!

Yep, it was the Easter bunnies birthday or something on Sunday so I had an egg hunt ready for my two. Unfortunately it bucketed it down so we brought the hunt inside (in true British style as soon as we had it all ready it dried right up!) I’d always wanted a hunt as a child so I think I was shamelessly living it out through them. Bella took not even the slightest bit of interest as I suspected would happen but Logan was on task and it was brilliant to see him so excited as this is really the first Easter he’s been aware of which at four is pretty good.IMG_0028

I do wonder how much Logan believes as he is so literal with most things, maybe he just believes a rabbit came with a sack of chocolate eggs (because that’s so less far fetched than Santa…oh and the tooth fairy!) because I tell him, maybe he just goes with the flow. Whatever he thinks he was very excited to find his carrot nibbled down and trail of glitter in it’s place (see I can do crafty-crap, Pin that!!) He also loved following the rabbit trail until he got to the clues set by Nanny, which were I’ll admit, a bit basic. Logic isn’t one of the stronger areas in his skill-set but even so a few still left him stumped..it’s a good job I was around to crack codes like “Eggy-bread!” Yes, it was by the bread!IMG_0030

Bella took the opportunity to swipe Nanny’s phone while we imbeciles chased a 4 year old around the house looking for plastic eggs! Her stance on the proceedings changed significantly when her brother presented all the eggs he’d found…including all of hers as well. Some may say she didn’t get involved others will say why have a dog and bark yourself?

I’ve had two wired, chocolate coated children ever since who have been laughing manically at basically nothing. I did manage to get Logan to eat a carrot at dinner by saying if he didn’t the Easter bunny would take his eggs back. Bribery and corruption for the win at the dinner table!  I put my hands up and confess to it but before you start judging me know that he liked it and then ate two more! IMG_0036

Bella spent the rest of the day playing with the empty plastic eggs and bucket, anything small that she can carry around she just loves. Usually she carries her Peppa Pig handbag stuffed with an assortment of small toys but she’s been known to carry the same toys around in a welly, my shoe, a cup. She really is quite random sometimes but at least today her collection was well on theme!

This is NOT a sponsored post and included an Easter Egg Hunt set from Tesco who did not give it to me for free, thanks for making me know understand the value of money. 


Feeling: sick

Watching: Flip sake I watched Wuthering Heights and now I want to throw myself off a cliff or go and drown in one of the Dales super large puddles! I love a good period drama but I may need to stick to the other Bronte sisters in future…or Kate Bush’s song version which J’adore!



 photo letkidsbekidslogobadge_zps424b7d61.jpg


10 thoughts on “Chocolate day!

  1. Sounds like a good inside hunt, we love eggy bread in this house too and my daughter was the same with the bucket/basket thing just carried around all weekend full of random stuff! Thanks for sharing #twinklytuesday x

  2. bahahahaha, I actually spat out my drink at your little aside about not being given the hunt kit for free, and having to understand the value of money…! And then again at what you had been watching, and your diet! I totally agree re Wuthering Heights, and the Kate Bush song being much better than the most depressing kind-of-not-really love story ever! And diets, well, I can’t really speak of my now 2 year failure to lose any baby weight…! Our egg hunt story is actually practically identical to yours! I set it all up inside, then it was beautifully sunny, and we could’ve done it outside after all! Both children did join in, but smaller toddler got very aggressive with slightly older toddler, that slightly older toddler guessed all the clues before he did! They were also, of course, off their faces on sugar for the rest of the day, and bedtime! Funnily enough, I just told them I’d put the hunt together… I think being an adult has made me lose any sense of inner child, and forget that I should be saying a bunny had done it…?! Maybe next year!! I’m sure you, ahem, had a fabulous day!
    Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink!

    1. Pahaha yeah I always am very careful to make sure to say that Father Christmas/Easter Bunny et al arrange everything however I then struggle with the fact that neither child are even remotely grateful to me for what they’ve had haha. Oh well I guess I’ll hit them up for all the gratitude when they’re older! Thanks for reading x

  3. We had an indoor Easter egg hunt this year too! The weather is so unreliable. It was dry on & off but the ground was soaking wet from the buckets of rain that fell the night before. Good luck with the chocolate & roast potato diet – sounds yum! lol Thanks so much for joining us at #bloggerclubuk

  4. It’s a long time since my kids did an Easter Egg hunt and the boy was never too keen on that kind of thing anyway. He still likes the chocolate though, but is very fussy about it…

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