Be more tortoise!

Wow! I just told Logan to ask his older sister what she wanted to watch on TV (I do this often so he doesn’t forget to include her and although she doesn’t talk often she has very strong views on what she wants,) he said “Bella do you want to watch Frozen” (he had to repeat as she ignored him which is the usual response) then out of nowhere she said “I want Lion King!”
I want Lion King!

Now don’t get me wrong she will answer direct questions like this when she is so inclined but never has she even appeared to hear her brother’s voice. I said “Wow is that the first time Bella has spoken to you?” It took a moment for him to realise it then he said “Yes, yes, yes! Hooray!” whilst jumping up and down waving his arms in a celebratory dance. Suddenly he stopped, looked straight at me and said “I didn’t know sisters could talk!” This was adorable and heartbreaking in one tiny moment. As I’ve said before, this is his normal so he doesn’t expect any different…he will now though and I wonder what changes this will bring.
These moments are rare for us and just like I remember her first real word at two and half (which happened to be “knee” in response to my head, shoulders…) I will remember this. This is even more special as she got to share this moment with Logan. Life is not a race, not one we’re winning anyway but we’ll get there. We’re more a tortoise than a hare kind of family anyway.

Watching: Flash/Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow (Whoop DC fan girl night!) I’ve finally finished Damages so I’m looking for a new series to binge on Netflix!
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17 thoughts on “Be more tortoise!

  1. What a lovely moment for you to have shared and witnessed with your children. I hope your little girl starts to speak more soon but like you said, there’s nothing wrong with being a tortoise xx #picknmix

  2. LOVE this post! I still remember the first time my Autistic son said his sister’s name (kind of). We all started jumping around and yelling and it was wonderful! Thanks for sharing your moment of wonderfulness!

  3. That’s such a special moment and great choice in movie too! Great to have witnessed and I’m sure there will be more over time! Telling your diet to piss off is such a good idea too! #happydays

  4. What an amazing moment and such a lovely reaction from your boy. Who knows what the future will bring but we could all do with being a bit more tortoise sometimes, regardless of our situations. #BloggerClubUK

  5. Aww this is gorgeous no wonder it will stick with your forever, and your sons reaction is brilliant I can imagine Monkey saying something similar when we get to his stage with his soon to be arriving little brother. Theres absolutely nothing wrong with being more tortoise something we could all lean from! Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again this week x

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