Not the best start.

Good morning Bella, do you want some breakfast?

I don’t really like being the Pat Butcher of this analogy but c’est la vie.

Slap. She slapped me straight across the face so quickly and cleanly it would have made Peggy Mitchell jealous. It happened straight after the word breakfast, I have no idea why this word should evoke such a strong reaction…it’s Coco Pops not gruel. I asked her not to hit me and while she looked at me while I spoke I’m sure my words didn’t register. These are really the only times I wish we were a more “normal” family. Normal mums would be putting their five year old on the naughty step quick smart. Punishment doesn’t work, I’ve never tried any with her but somethings you just know (like that if I jump off the edge of the Grand Canyon I will not be able to fly…I’m never going to try it yet people will accept it to be true.)

I often get slapped when I sing a song she’s not expecting and nowadays I’ve learned to duck quite well so this took me quite by surprise. Anyway, I cried it out and now we’re all good I think so long as I chose my words carefully.

Parents evening went really well, everyone loves her (I’m assuming she doesn’t slap them!) SLT say she’s ticking all the boxes with communication which is fantastic if in reality it means they’re getting her to interact with them on a pre-language level; listening, engaging and using “more” more bubbles” etc to extend prefered activity. They’re using the Gina Davis approach which is meant to be fantastic and as long as she’s progressing I totally trust her school to know better than me.

It’s such a relief that she’s doing well at school and that they feel she’s joining in more with the group as she is in the class for more severe children in a SN school so it’d be easy to lose hope. Thankfully for us Bella is like a sponge learning to read and count by herself so academically she’s streets ahead. She hasn’t really got a learning difficulty it’s more a teaching difficulty, she’s self directed and much prefers to learn alone from an iPad. School won’t let her which is great, they make her (without distressing her) interact with them and with her peers as y’know “No man is an island.”

I tell you what, rather them than me though!!

Watched last night – The Flash, Arrow (I love it…especially Oliver!)



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