Is anyone else out there waiting with almost bated breath for the email about primary school places? We live in a bit of a dead zone with our closest school being around 900m from our house (according to the LEA website not my own calculations!) This school thankfully is our first choice but with no sibling place due to his sister being a SN school and no EHCP in place (no I’m not about to rant about that again don’t worry) I am really relying on common prevailing.

Common sense!!

We have in the past had to go to tribunal to prove Bella was disabled enough to receive the correct benefits after not one but two appeals were turned down and after the first panel refused to actually see her!

I am not a fan of people having common sense. It has often worked against us. Our second closest school is massively over subscribed, lord knows why as I thought it was distinctly normal.  Then after speaking to the head about Logan’s needs she looked panicked blurting out “This isn’t a special school.” No shit Sherlock! That was the coffin lid firmly closed however when her parting words were “Well we will try our best” the final nail went in and I refused point blank to list them as a choice. Thankfully they’ve already stated they only take within 500m and we’re a safe 1100m away hooray for small mercies.

I really cannot envisage Logan getting a place anywhere but my first choice but I can’t let myself get my hopes up. I’ve been let down by the powers that be before so I’ve already got my appeal head on just in case!

As soon as we know where he’s going for definite we can start slowly introducing transition for him to make the journey a little easier for him. But for now, we wait.

'We were finding it impossible to get the kids into a decent school, so we had them adopted.'
‘We were finding it impossible to get the kids into a decent school, so we had them adopted.’

One month and counting!!


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