Wait Until They Fail

I’ve been thinking about this statement a lot recently since a Mum said it to me the other day. Her daughter is really the polar opposite to my son although they were born only a month apart. She was premature and although has caught up and surpassed her peers academically she is hindered by a fragile immune system and epilepsy. Logan on the other hand was born late and is physically advanced, he looks much more like a healthy 6 year old than a boy of just 4. Academically he is years behind his friend however he teeters around “normal” whereas she is advanced. 

One thing they have in common is that neither appear to fit the criteria for and EHCP (Education and Health Care Plan) even though Logan has Autism and his friend has Epilepsy among other needs.  Both children started nursery just after their second birthdays and have now both been there for over two years. They are the top dogs Logan with the boys and B with the girls, they know all there is to know and they are settled, mostly due to the fact that their teachers know them inside and out.

Both have been assessed for their EHCP’s and both came back with the “well they’re really settled/happy/engaged” comments. Well yes of course Logan is happy, it’s taken two years for him to adhere fully to his teacher and now he is resistant to let go. He cannot understand the concept of him going to school in 6 months and I think if I push it too much right now it’ll spiral him into a world of anxiety. Logan’s major issues are anxiety, transition and coping with situations he doesn’t like/know. Usually he just stops talking, will stand by a wall silently or just try and move out of the area to something he prefers. This is managed at nursery but in school its likely to cause problems. His friend is scarily (to me) engaging and unless she has a seizure or is off nursery long term sick then whoever comes in to see her will see an extraordinarily smart, switched on little girl.

We as parents have both been told to wait until they are in reception and then if they have difficulties to apply for and EHCP as it has to be based on the now and not as a preventative. This is stupid! What happened to the idea of Early Intervention? That seems to have passed both of mine by.

I think I had it easy with Bella as she was so severe the Ed Psych would need their own heads testing to have denied her a (what was then) Statement of Educational Needs. With her it was a breeze and now I’m feeling the sting of how hard it is to navigate the system with a high functioning child.

As my friend said “we’ll have to just wait until they fail.” This surely isn’t right is it?


One thought on “Wait Until They Fail

  1. I agree early prevention surely would be better for everyone in the long run? So frustrating. Waiting is more frustrating as you feel like you are in between and wasting time that you can help out. Bless Thanks for linking up to #ShareWithMe.

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