Shoot me now!

Last week I dropped my phone down the toilet, I was so annoyed mainly because it was solely my fault. I couldn’t blame the kids for it at all. That same day Logan splashed a little juice on his iPad, with the speed of a flippin ninja that iPad was out of the over-sized rubber case and wiped down. The unprotected iPad was put safely in a drawer over night and other than the sadness in the pit of my stomach (the rice bath didn’t work for my phone) I was pleased I’d managed to save the iPad.

Next morning I get up and take the iPad out of the drawer to discover….the screen is smashed!! How the actual….

I can only imagine that one of the children inadvertently dropped something else in the drawer later that night. Well that wasn’t the start to the day I was hoping for but at let iPad screens are fixable now, at a cost. That cost was £60, which I paid the next day (almost) happily as we already are down to one iPad since Bella’s iPad stopped swiping a while ago and I still haven’t gotten around to fixing it.

So I don’t have a phone but at least we have a shared iPad…

Two DAYS later…

Logan decides to be super helpful and wash his iPad (I’m actually struggling to type this as it’s still so raw being less that 24 hours ago.) Well it is clean…. and very, very dead! So you can say that when we went out for a family dinner that I wasn’t in the best of moods. Pizza and good company won me round and the kids were well behaved (I’d like to think they knew better than to act out but they really don’t!) So we come home with bellies full ready for bed.  Or so I thought, the sleepy kids turned into little crazed demons running around and screaming for the next hour…oh and in the middle of it all one child (I haven’t worked out which) managed to knock the TV off the chest of drawers in their bedroom and smash half the screen…yeah that actually happened.

Three insurance claims, three separate incidents, three lots of excess, two of which are on contract for about the next 15 years!

So please somebody shoot me before one of my children accidentally kill me!


One thought on “Shoot me now!

  1. OH bless you not going to shout it but they say it comes in threes so maybe that’s the end of it for a VERY long time. Hopefully. I have been there. Iphone down the toilet takes breathe away. Bless you trying hard to save those ipads. Big hugs. Thanks for linking up to #ShareWithMe.

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