Why Facebook Hates Me

I’ll tell you why! Every day it says “We care about your memories…” Then up pops photos of myself 8 years younger, thinner with better hair and many, many less worries. Showing me a photo of myself several years pre-children first thing in the morning when; I’ve barely had time to brush my own hair, have pulled on clothes which I picked purely on the basis that they’re clean rather than for style purposes, have makeup on which now much more resembles war paint…or is non-existent, when I’m overtired and probably will actually notice my clothes are dirty as soon as I’m in public….this is not caring. This is mean, almost a form of torture. finally-thumbs-down-things-you-dislike-facebook.1280x600Years ago people only realised how much they’d actually aged now and again when the photo albums came out, now I’m being beaten over the head with it daily. Let’s not even get into how many more fun things I used to do, festivals, holidays, spur of the moment trips with friends. These things usually slow down when you have kids, they get even fewer in between when you and the children’s dad part ways and then when your specific children need more planning, rehearsal and baggage to go somewhere overnight than a small army you pretty much stop bothering.

Planning a spur of the moment over nighter without the kids is easier when you don’t have to take clothes, nappies, wipes, a selection of foods they’ll eat, weighted blanket, ipad, charger and a stair gate to stop your 5 year old wandering in the night to¬†your relatives house is really not ideal…having to take it all with you when overnighting with the kids is just silly.

So yeah, Facebook stop pretending your care and tell it like it is “We want to remind you about how much more fabulous you used to be…”


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