Parent of the Year!

Do you know what makes me feel like I probably won’t be lifting that award once again this year? The fact that my oh so lovely son sulks, to sometimes the point of tears daily when I collect him from nursery. He had a week or so once upon a time when he’d see me and run to me shrieking “Mummyyyy.” But it didn’t last. Now I usually have to bribe him, barter, make false promises…do anything to avoid him breaking down at the thought of ‘just going home.’ 

Yup, going home is like a punishment, the worst of the worst. Going to Daddy’s would probably be the prime bartering tactic but that doesn’t happen often and rarely straight from nursery. The offer to go to the shop and buy sweets sometimes works. Going to the shops will sometimes do the trick but is then followed by “can we go to the toy shop?” “I need hundriends of toys.” “Can we go to the cake shop? I’m still really hungry.” “Can we go to the coffee shop?”

Aghhhhh we’re just going home, is what I should say but then I know I’ll have to drag him out and then I’m in trouble as he’s a big lad.

After his 6 hours last week he came out lips trembling, I told one of his nursery teachers it’s because I beat him up at home. Thankfully she laughed, hopefully not nervously.

No I don’t think bribery and corruption are two of the main things the POTY panel are looking for…maybe next year. Next year he’ll be at school, if he’s still so sad to go home I’ll be asking for a DNA test!


5 thoughts on “Parent of the Year!

  1. I love your final line. My big lad loved school (although he’s gone off it a bit now) but the little man has never liked it. If I was you I’d send someone else to collect him 😉 TY for linking up with #FamilyFun 🌸

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