Un-reasonable adjustments

The door buzzes! It’s only a man sent from the building management agency who has come to REMOVE Bella’s disability buggy and Logan’s buggy from the communal building area! Remove…like take away!!! No No No I don’t bloody think so! He left swiftly telling us he’ll speaking to the agent…and so will I!!

Well 10 minutes later and the aforementioned agent is being basically a prized arsehole!

You either take the buggies into your own flat or we’ll take them” were his words! What? What about reasonable adjustments for disabled people what about the fact that we have a one bed flat and having two large buggies in there will be much more of a fire hazard than out there? What about the fact that it’s not in my contact to which I am bound for the next 9 months? His answer “I’m just doing my job. If you don’t move them we’ll go after your landlord then they’ll come after you.”

Basically he could have just told me to F off!

Health and safety are swiftly becoming one of the most useless phrases around. This is not over, I’m not sure how I come back but give me time!


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