Top tips for easy Monday mornings with kids!

Monday mornings can be pretty brutal, you’ve just had a great-ish weekend and then boom it’s Monday again! While you’re elated at the idea of packing your little darlings off so you can finish your first hot cup of coffee in three days and finally flick over the TVs from CBeebies there is still Monday morning to contend with. 

In our house it’s chaos but then everything is here. At present I’ve made it easy for my self Bella goes off on her school transport any time from 8am and Logan stays at home with me. I sort of build myself up to Tuesday and the rest of the week when he is also at nursery from 9.

I’ve discovered the only easy to get through the mornings without initiating a stress migraine and making your kids cry is preparation. So here are my tips!

  1. Over the weekend get all uniform clean and ready organised to grab and go
  2. Make sure all homework is completed by Saturday at the latest to avoid forgetting it.
  3. Get breakfast prepared as much as you can the night before.

Hahaha well that’s the blinking dream! I try to do any one of these, last night I fumbled around in the tumble dryer at 11.30 and pulled out a shirt and cardi, I’m hoping skirt/trousers must be clean somewhere. Here is my real life list;

  1. Make sure on Sunday evening you have something in school colours to wear clean, if not set alarm for 5am but only if you have a tumble dryer.
  2. Make sure you have food in the house, be sure it’s something they’ll eat (we’ll consider nutritional guidelines when we’re less stressed.)
  3. If homework isn’t done either “forget” to send it in depending on severity of teacher or forge it…your call.

And what about;

  1. Hire a cleaner, nanny, au pair depending on budget hell pay your older kids to clean if you can.
  2. Be married, lock someone in and remind them that Monday mornings are also 50% their doing.
  3. Don’t stay up way later than you normally do on Sunday night catching up on Call The Midwife sobbing alone as usual.
  4. Play hooky if it’s just not happening. (This is not an endorsement of truancy but y’know!)

Oh and don’t sit there blogging when neither child are dressed or fed, both watching The Lion King and the school taxi is due in half an hour!



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