Can you feel the love tonight?

No I f**king can’t!

I remember The Lion King being released and I learnt all the songs and most of the words in between. Flash forward and I now want to take a fringing dart gun to the whole lot of them!

Bella is obsessed. It’s on at 6.30am before school, at 4pm after school, at 8pm for bed and usually again at about 2pm when she wakes up.

Our flat makes a shoebox look spacious so at the moment Hakuna Matata seems to be constantly reverberating through the walls and I can assure you… I have worries! I have worries about whether I’ll ever be able to relax with a period drama without hyenas cackling in the back of my mind!

I hope sincerely that the circle of life is coming to an end…probably not though, the Toy Story obsession although sporadic has lasted nearly five years and probably to infinity and beyond!



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