Apathy vs Fatigue

imageI recently heard about ‘fatigue’ in a group for autism parents like myself. It was a lightbulb moment ‘Jesus, that’s what I have.’ I’ve really tried hard to convince myself of it too;

extreme tiredness resulting from mental or physical exertion or illness.
“he was nearly dead with fatigue”
synonyms: tiredness, weariness, exhaustion, overtiredness 

Yes all those time (and there have been many) I’ve slumped down on the sofa feeling overwhelmed by the vast amount of housework I’d need to do just to stop us having the ‘just robbed-chic’ look. The times when I just decided to watch the whole TV series of Pride and Prejudice back to back rather than sort out my every growing pile of washing/putting away/cleaning/vacuuming/cooking/setting up fake insta-pins with the kids displaying how freaking fantastic our craft based lives are….that was fatigue. It’s a real thing, I have two children with differing additional needs…I’m allowed to be mentally and physically exerted. Whoop (well not whoop but you know.)

Then I remembered that I was this bloody apathetic and lazy before I had kids…shit.

There has to something in knowing yourself 😉




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