Teaching responsibility 

We live right on top one of the country’s finest nature reserves which is hidden in suburbia, Sutton Park. We visit often for walks and scooter rides and like most people we like to feed the ducks. I recently learned the damage of  feeding them bread can do so I’m trying to change our ways and hopefully other people’s  too.

A spokesperson for the government’s Animal and Plant Health Agency said: “Large amounts of bread and other human foodstuffs can be harmful to wildfowl, leading to potentially fatal or disabling health conditions. Uneaten food can also cause changes to the chemical and bacteriological content of water, increasing the risk of avian disease.”

Sweetcorn out of a tin but frozen works too, as do peas


Next up oats which we liked as they floated but difficult to distribute in wind!


Floaty oats

We have an information centre which also sells duck food for a nominal cost. I know as soon as the sun comes up we’ll see slices of white bread floating on the water but hopefully a few of you will follow our lead and take other things for our feathered friends.


Oats, sweetcorn, peas, seeds


Bread, Greggs, Maccie D’s and any other fast food you may be holding!


Bella liked throwing the seeds



2 thoughts on “Teaching responsibility 

  1. We’ve been trying to feed the Pype Hayes ducks ‘properly’ too, but they aren’t keen on sliced grapes or apple! I guess they’re so used to bread. Will try the sweetcorn and oats though!

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