Water water everywhere 

My bathroom gets flooded at least twice a week, in fact that’s a very modest estimate. Bella is obsessed with running taps and pouring water, she loves filling unusual things with water and balancing them on the edge of the sink before giving them a shove off watching them fall.  

balancing water


 Her favourite at the moment to fill are wellies which in the rainy snowy climate we have currently is ever so slightly inconvenient. Why she does this I don’t know, what stimulation she gets I also don’t know. I’ve previously had stair gates on the bathroom door but with a toilet trained (just) four year old also in the house I really can’t put any actual barriers up as he has done brilliantly with his toilet training. He never questioned why he had to do it when his sister still wears nappies he just got on with it. Sure it wasn’t all plain sailing but in the last five months or so accidents have just been that, real accidents sometimes stemming from his insecurities of going to the bathroom alone. A gate on the door, even though he can open them now would really slow things down but maybe it’s something I’ll have to reconsider. Our flat, being ground floor, suffers from damp as it is so having a constantly wet bathroom is really less than ideal!

Maybe it’s because she’s a mermaid?

This is just one of the charming quirks in our autism house, this is one of the reasons Bella can’t be left unattended and

leads onto a bigger worry involving water. She is obviously favinated by water and that includes
rivers, puddles, swimming pools etc. Her facination in the house is flipping annoying but
the outer world it is downright dangerous!

Swimming lessons are needed as is her buggy…when people see her in her special needs pushchair and wonder why…this is why!


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