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 Last Sunday after months and months (years?) of planning we finally launched  Square Peg Sensory  a mobile sensory unit! It was particularly stressful when both the electric and the tailgate decided not to work properly! Thankfully just in the nick of time it all came together ready for Anna Kennedy OBE and Alan Gardner (The Autistic Gardner) to cut the ribbon and officially open the room! Our whole family turned out to help,how great is that!

volunteers and patrons
Waiting really patiently to go in, waiting is hard
press pics
The mobile sensory room!

Logan creeping in on Anna’s close up

Bella waited until the crowds had gone to venture inside
Logan was more than a little overwhelmed swinging from silent to all out chaos, running and rolling around. He had fun and was really well behaved thankfully he had his two aunties there as well as two grandads to take it in turns feeding/entertaining him, to be honest I know how he felt! I honestly felt like I was just watching the whole think happen in front of me. At least 100 people turned out to see and support us and it really is very overwhelming. 

Bella took to her buggy in the afternoon and covered herself in coats and scarves (I don’t blame her it was freezing!) Funnily enough she stood with Logan and I while the mini speeches and ribbon cutting happened. She was golden even if she did start singing loudly half way through, she really coped brilliantly but backed  off when people closed in to queue. 


Logan being crazy
Bella photo bombed almost every picture of the ribbon cutting haha!

Logan being overwhelmed watching the bubbles!
 For more information visit  Our Website 


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