Silence is not golden

I don’t often think of Bella as being disabled, ok I know she is but day to day she is just Bella. Her differences and challenges are just aspects of our life, it’s been our life for five and half years so I don’t know any other way.

Lately her language has been coming on a little easier than this time last year. She can now make a request with lots of prompting and coercion. She will still try to drag me by the hand rather than go to the ‘effort’ of talking but I am past giving in to that. Now it’s pretty much the case that if she doesn’t ask she doesn’t get! Often I feel awful as she’ll give up before getting her request out or sometimes I think it just takes so long for her to ask that she goes off the idea.

Some of our typical conversations:

Me: I…..want….

Bella: chocolate chip brioche 
Me: I 

Bella: want….piano (orange juice, chips chicken, crisps, Mulan.)

This is brilliant for me, it can (when it works) make our lives massively easier. That is until illness hits. There is a bit of joke that when the Bakers get ill they take to their bed and Bella definitely takes after her Nanny on this one. She also stops requesting, singing and usually eating and drinking too.

She just goes silent. 

Normally although still pretty much classed as non verbal she is very noisy, always singing, repeating or the classic whining!  
I’m really thankful that chickenpox only knocked her down for a few days. I cannot imagine how poorly she feels when she goes into these shutdown periods. As you can see she looks very sad and at these times it’s even harder than usual to reach her.  

 Temperatures are fun as the only way to get medicine into her would be by tying her down and forcing it down her throat. (Ps force feeding her anything does NOT work unless you want it running down your face!) I dread the day any illness more severe hits as I genuinely don’t know how I’d cope medicating her. For now I’ll just keep her healthy on her diet of pizza, nuggets and crisps 😉

She’s feeling brighter can you tell? 



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