Another Christmas Done!

So it’s Boxing Day and after a good (decent) nights sleep I feel in the best position to report that our Christmas 2015 was pretty fantastic! No major meltdowns (by children or adults,) super chilled and best turkey ever (thanks to Gordon Ramsey for convincing me to shove my arm under the turkey skin up to my elbow!) 

We’ve all had some great gifts and in the spirit of the season I’m feeling pretty grateful. 


Christmas morning, presents ready and Netflix fire warming us up 😉
Bella had her swing chair (HUGE success,) bubble tube, sensory bits, bus with figures as she loves buses (then proceeded to sing wheels on the bus on repeat haha) and most importantly her box of 3D geometric shapes! Most people followed the no-wrapping rule which meant no waste and that she could browse her gifts in her own time. 


Bella was very impressed with her swing!
Logan was like a present opening maniac and we had to use many, many distraction tactics to slow him down (counting other people’s presents and even stopping for a biscuit break.) 


Netflix fire and chilling
Snuggles with the grandparents

Logan had another superhero-fest just four days after his 4th birthday


 Christmas Lunch was relaxed, Bella had 5 chicken goujons, crisps and some cocktail sausages and although Logan had a whole plate of dinner he actually ate mashed potato, gravy, jam (cranberry sauce) and a few pieces of sweet corn. Good for him, good for both of them. For a good five minutes we had both children sitting at the table while we ate! 

My Chrisrmas Elf
Little Drummer Girl

I’m very excited for turkey-sandwich and chocolate day more commonly known as Boxing Day. 

Hope your day went well…if not I hope today is better 🙂


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