Christmas Trip

Every year I try and plan a Christmas ‘experience.’ I’ve done the paying £10 to pop in and out of a grotto in town but neither kids have gotten anything from it with them both needing a little longer to acclimatise than most. 

This year we went to Hatton Country World where we have enjoyed many a summer day. It was lovely, very blowy but thankfully not too cold and the rain held. With free carers and discounted disabled child rates it was really affordable costing around £38 for 3 adults and two children.

They had shows on throughout the day which were light entertainment and an excuse to go inside for a warm up. Father Christmas Trips were booked in slots and we chose a later time hoping (rightly) that it would look more magical in the dark.

 The Father Christmas was lovely and dealt with my two (not particularly forthcoming) children really well. They were both given a key to the secret toy shop where they could chose their own toy (great idea!)  

Santa becoming more Autism aware!

The only downside is their lack of changing facilities for older children and adults. We were offer to use the floor of the first aid room….errr no! Eventually a manager put a table in the disabled loo for us but this time next year that table will be too small. I have directed them to the Changing Places website and hopefully they’ll take my comments to heart.

Overall we had a fantastic trip and would definitely recommend it! 


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