Back to routine 

This summer was looong! Bella went a bit stir crazy and I went, we’ll just a bit crazy! Logan was saved thanks to summer holidays funding so he had two full days a week of running/screaming/roaring etc without me having my own melt down.

New term means a new teacher, class group and room for Bella. Being an autism specific school they obviously did a fair amount of prep before summer…however that was SEVEN WEEKS AGO! On her her first day back I won’t lie she gave me a look of derision as I put school uniform on her. I could almost read her mind ‘Uniform? Really? I thought we were over this.’

Thankfully she went off singing as usually, one of her transport buddies was less happy at her constantly singing self. One week in and she’s having lots of lovely book (home-school book) comments, lots of number work, literacy and singing! Looks like year 1 was made for her! 


Logan’s happy being back on 4 sessions a week, as well as getting school dinners again rather than packed lunches in the hols.

 Let’s hope th rest of the term goes as well. Bella has been referred for music therapy which I’m really excited about and Logan has the area SENCO going in next week so it’s all go!

Hope your returns all went as smoothly!


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