Today was a good day. Don’t get me wrong, we have a lot of good days but we rarely acknowledge them. Usually the good days are great, trips out holidays etc. 

Today we got up very early and I anticipated the worst; 2 overtired children, 1 fractious parent and lots of hours until bedtime are generally a bad combination.  

We didn’t do anything extraordinary, just a trip to the coffee shop and a run about in the park playing pirates.  

X marks the spot! Logan’s unprompted imaginary play was very encouraging!
We collected some blackberries, picked up some feathers and I explained to Logan that a big tree would grow out of the tiny acorn he found (not sure that one made much  sense to him!) 

Even Bella had a run about.  

When I say little run read run like a bat out of hell leaving Logan to push the buggy running to catch up Mummy!

Even bedtime went smoothly, yes today we rivalled Topsy and Tim for sickeningly sweet happy families. Usually there is a bit more screaming, hitting and kicking in our days (mostly from the kids!)

Sometimes it’s just worth highlighting the good in a day as the bad always seems to stand out brighter!


MPs The next day we were right back on track. I was getting a bit concerned if I’m honest 😉



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