Wish come true

Bella never wants for much, it was a discussion we had recently as we think her limited range of ‘wants’ is hindering her communication. Basically she wants, ipad, orange juice, yogurt, toast, chocolate, chips and biscuits. See what I mean? She wants ipad and food! She will sometimes ask to go outside or upstairs (to nannys) or to Homehall House (where her other nanny lives) but part of me thinks she wants these because they generally have chocolate, chips and biscuits! She’s not very verbal but that doesn’t mean she’s not smart!

Lately Bella has shown interest in the bikes we see out and about and it’s been heartwrenching to watch her wanting to join in with other children but not managing a bike with stabilisers. Anyway to cut a long story short a friend has leant us a special needs trike to try for the summer and to say she’s elated would be an understatement! 

Now I know she loves it I can start looking into a permanent one for her bus as with everything special needs it has an extra special price tag!  When Bella wants something not related to technology we all jump through hoops to get it for her!

Please watch the video and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more Bella and Logan videos 


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