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Simple things

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This video is brilliant, it’s funny, very funny. Bella couldn’t get more excited waiting for the discs to drop out of the Connect 4 set and Logan was loving creating the suspense. However look a little deeper and the video is brilliant because: a)

Bella is sitting at the table where she sat for her brunch. Ok it was legs and arms flailing all over the place and we got her out of her pushchair just before the food came but 6 months ago this would have been impossible. She has come on in so many tiny ways since starting school and sitting at the table is just one. Prior to this she needed a harness, but now, at home, she sits really well in short bursts (as long as she is interested in the food offered!)

b) She is interacting with Logan and waiting for him to make the discs drop. This is really the best thing. A year back she virtually lived alongside her brother without even seeing him. Don’t get me wrong these moments are rare and fleeting, but they happen! Just occasionally she finds him hilarious as opposed to when she usually finds him invisible.

c) Logan is loving making his sister laugh, he is a little comic and their interaction is probably 9:1. He still chats to her, tells her off and tries to interact but mostly its to no avail. On this occasion until she started laughing he wasn’t enjoying her taking over his game and had asked me to “putty back in da buggy!” Cheeky boy. However, when that giggle burst out of her he was hooked.

Like the title says, simple things. To most families these things are not even milestones…a five year old sitting/lying at a table (even if she was shrieking with her love of bacon and trying to pull the painting off the walls,) and siblings age 3 and 5 interacting for two minutes. To me it’s a big deal, I think autism and special needs make you more grateful, nothing is taken for granted.


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