Travelling on the spectrum

Last weekend we had a trip down to Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park thanks to the Family Fund charity. We had an overnight stay which is always a fear of mine with two children on the spectrum. I usually won’t go anywhere for short periods as they’re too stressful (for me) and very unsettling for children (and me!) At home I use a stair gate to keep them in their bedroom and prevent ‘wandering’ but in a hotel room you don’t get that luxury! This however was a special case, B is in love with Peppa and her friends so we (including grandparents for extra hands) made the trip down from the midlands.  

Here we go!
 I have to admit that Paultons Park and PPW is fantastic! I was so impressed with how accessible it is, the exit passes so we didn’t have to queue (B can’t cope with queues,) the larger child/adult changing facilities and the flat wheelchair friendly site. We even took her on the mini train in her chair which she adored!  

Loving life
Princess Peppa Aboard

 All in all the trip was a great success and I’m glad we bit the bullet and made the  journey, we even stopped off at a very windy beach on the way down!  

Wind and sand are two of B’s favourites!

L loved the windy beach can you tell šŸ˜‰
Thank you Family Fund, Travel by Inspire and of course Paultons Park!

This is NOT a sponsored post

While in the hotel we used our trusty tent for B which we use at home in lieu of a Safety Sleeper which were struggling to get funded. If anyone knows of a side opening one man tent then please let me know! Ours was only Ā£20 but it’s a nightmare to change the sheets and get her in and out!  

Two beds and a tent!
This is what we’re looking for!  

Safety Sleeper

4 thoughts on “Travelling on the spectrum

    1. I actually looked at this yesterday and was tempted by the price! The problem that I have at the moment is that ours is too wide being a two man so if she rolls at night she ends up on the floor lol as her mattress is a single xx

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