We only bloody won!

So for anyone outside of my Fb/Twitter world I thought I better update you on the fact that 21 months after we were refused the High Rate Mobility element of Disability Loving Allowance we finally won at our second tribunal! 

We were appealing under the SMI (severe mental impairment) criteria and had to provide an excess of evidence when surely five minutes with her would have sufficed! So while DLA wasted time and resources (probably hoping I’d give up and go away) I just about managed to stay the course and the tribunal, the day before B’s 5th birthday went perfectly. Better than perfect in fact! They not only awarded the HRM and back pay, they also informed DLA that must pay it until 2018!! Wow, this saves me a whole other battle since from the next day they were due to start awarding the lower rate! 

So that’s that. After almost two years of banging my head against a wall I can…relax? Not sure how to do that exactly but at least j can turn my attentions back to Square Peg 🙂
Ps, back pay is already in!! 💰💰💰


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