My Boy at Butlins (aka the NT story)

Our trip to Butlins with the Little Man was everything I could have hoped for; lots for him to explore, rides (most of which were free) soft play, messy play, Thomas (big hit) and loads of space for him to run around and be free. 

Farmyard fun
Pop-up farm experience

He had a blast and I’m sure he will again because we did too. We loved the hotel, the restaurants the fact that there was so much or so little to do as we pleased. We didn’t see any shows as my two aren’t the sitting down kind of kids but to be honest they were too tired on the evening after full packed days of exploring.

First walk around the outside fairground


I have a feeling that if my Little Man could talk his favourite things would be the fairground rides and the fact they he looked so proud of himself clipping his seatbelt on and trotting on and off them, pointing out which one he wanted to go on next without Mama having to tell him they’re broken whilst frantically trying to distract him as usually it’s too expensive.

Big boy riding alone
Just showing off now!


His second best was probably the soft play (under 5’) which made my heart leap with 3 stories of cushioned fun. It took me a day or two to get up the nerve to let him in and he of course immediately climbed to the very top like the little daredevil I know he is. One thing the boy did big time was eat! He loved the kids tray in the Deck restaurant (please send us a spare couple) and I think breakfast was his favourite with piles of beans, eggs, toast and pancakes! He also adored his bedroom with the built in TV, I think he felt really grown up in a full size bed (although he looked smaller than ever.)

Loving his food
soft play chaos

I think his only negative was probably being taking to hospital with a suspected dislocated arm, luckily it was just a slipped radial nerve which popped back into place after some VERY painful manipulation and five minutes later you’d never have known he was in any pain at all. We on the other hand needed the stiff drinks from the Beachcomber along with our lovely dinner which we just made it back in time for.

Swing time with Nanny
The fountains were fun

He even allowed us to prise him out of his woolly hat and into a Billy Butlin’s cap which he now wears every day as a walking endorsement of the fun he had! One of my personal highlights were the staff we met, from bar staff, to reception, room attendants, everyone was friendly and took good care of us and even took this in their stride!

Not a great pic but doubt this will make the album! Naughty boy!


Yes it’s permanent and they said “Oh no worries we’ll send someone up to paint it.” That was it…no gasp as expected, I may as well have said we’d spilt a drop of water not redecorated your wall on the morning of checkout! It was refreshing as was the break. Bognor this half of the trip loved you!ImageImageNB: We were given this holiday free of charge from Butlins but I am reviewing as if we were paying for it!


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