My hat man

IMG_0471   Yesterday the little man went out without his hat, this might not seem unusual, it was a nice day, it’s April, what’s the issue? Well the issue is that for the last few months he has become a bit obsessed with his hat, I’ve no idea where it came from but let’s just say this season is all about hats! For the majority of the time it was his navy, woolly bobble hat, very cute and ideal for when he first got it but less so on hot sunny days.

Honestly people must have thought I was a terrible parent wrapping him up in hat and coat while his sister and I wore short sleeves. Ah yes, the coat goes with the hat so if the hat goes on the coat has to follow and vice versa.
My children have never had cuddly toys that if lost would require a social media campaign to reunite them but his hat was reaching some heady levels (to the point where I had to go back to collect it from nursery after hours as the thought of not having it all weekend was not a good one…what if we needed to leave the house?) IMG_0619Well one day it was lost, it was actually in Nanny’s car after he’d fallen 
asleep the day before. He was not happy about leaving the house and stood by the door repeating “tah tah tah” over and over which is his word for hat. The only way I could get him to physically budge through the front door was by giving him my hat to wear. Luckily we were only nipping round the corner to visit grandparents but we did get some interesting looks along the way.

Whilst on holiday at Butlins after a couple of days trying on the same baseball cap on over and over he finally accepted a new hat and I didn’t look quite like the overprotective mother I did before (although if he had his way he’d be wearing the flashy helmet he saw in Sports Direct.) 
Yesterday however he left without his hat before any of us even noticed, today he went to mini-rugby without it too although he was insistent on having his hood up and got very upset if it fell down when outside. Like I say, this has come from nowhere and maybe its wearing off now, maybe it’s not but it’s definitely odd. Considering he’s the “not autistic” one, it’s definitely strange. It’s also not copied as his sister isn’t attached to anything other than the iPad but in a very different way. 

She also doesn’t do this IMG_0662Ok, so I can feel all the ASD parents and professionals bristling slightly and yes I will be bringing all this to the attention of the community paediatrician with whom he has an appointment next month. Will we be planning a trip to the CDC? Who knows, for now his quirks are just that, quirky. I get really annoyed when people say he’s not talking because he has no example from his sister (my voice, the nursery and our whole family obviously talking at a frequency unheard by my two year old.) On the other hand I do compare him to her on some levels, he is happier, more content, he has screaming tantrums (not meltdowns) and is “normal” in so many ways….but then there are those…quirks… 


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