My guest post #thisisautism for Autism Mumma

This Is Autism

Tonight’s guest post comes from Lauren who’s on twitter as @womanwithbaby and also @SquarePegCIC, a not-for-profit company producing autism awareness Tshirts and bags.

A busy lady and I’m really pleased to be including her post below:

We Have Autism

People say my daughter has Autism but that is an understatement, we have Autism as a family. One person out of a family containing Mum and two children cannot have Autism alone.

Autism is like an invisible field that shrouds our family and whilst I don’t hate it like many others it does affect every aspect of our lives.

A trip out is not simple, will it be busy, will I be able to let the little lady out of her pushchair to stretch her legs, will she be able to escape, will I be able to let her younger brother out while watching her, will there be food there (she is renowned for stealing peoples food and while in SEN situations it’s cute, in a Weatherspoon’s it is not!) will there be any water for her to pour or climb in? This list is endless and often she is confined to her chair for her safety and her brother’s. For the most part she doesn’t seem to mind but as she can’t speak I don’t really know this.

Autism spreads through our extended family who thankfully make exceptions for (and totally accept) their granddaughter/great-grandaughter/niece and the chaos that a visit from us can create.

Anyone who thinks our life is hard because of Autism is wrong and I strongly advise they borrow my NT son for the afternoon if they want to see hard work! It’s simply different, it’s a little less sociable and a bit more thought out but it’s also eye-opening.

We have met some of our best friends who totally accept us and our dynamic because of our diagnosis, I have learnt so much about the world of disability to which I was previously utterly ignorant and even set up a business relating to community which 3 years ago I knew nothing.

Do I worry about the future? Of course but doesn’t everyone? I just worry about different things I guess, I guess the old saying “Different not less” is very apt.


Written for http://www.autismmumma.com


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