We’re all going on a…probably soggy spring holiday

So today we’re off to Butlins and I really couldn’t be more excited (now that I’ve packed!) We’re off to Bognor Regis which is somewhere I’ve never been which is added excitement. It’s England which pretty much means taking all our clothes for every eventuality.

20140407-112156.jpgWe have around 5 interchangeable outfits each, 3 pairs of wellies, 20140407-113159.jpg2 portable DVD players (it’s a looong drive) 2 iPads, 1 iPhone, 1 Bundlebean, five coats for differing degrees of rain, 3 swimming cozzies, nappies, swim nappies and lots of Square Peg clothes.…I’m not sure what’s actually staying behind to be honest.





The kids are currently oblivious but that’s not the worst thing, you wait until they get a look at the fair and the pool and their fantastic bedrooms! 46-101906_br-resort-overview Butlins-Splashworld(Told you I was excited!) We have been looking forward to going since the end of last summer but have been so busy in between I’ve not allowed myself to think about it too much. Now however I am ready to jump feet first into swimming pools, puddles and whatever comes our way.  Let’s see how Autism and Butlins get on, we have prepared as much as we can but I’m not too worried, both these kids..cough cough…three kids are going to have a blast!


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