The fight

The title may be a little misleading and should maybe read ‘The latest fight’ We are still mid appeal with DLA for the little ladies Mobility Component (yes months later we are officially still in exactly the same place!) Now, we are also in dispute in regards to schools. The one I liked most has said they cannot meet her needs and due to her high needs ASD and high academic level, ‘she won’t have a peer group.’ She’ll be 4! They have made this decision based solely on her statement without so much as a phone call or a visit to the nursery. It’s baffling really that schools are saying that she isn’t suitable for as she’s too clever, and hasn’t a sufficient learning difficulty. Maybe there is a “teaching difficulty” here then. I’m talking to Parent Partnership in the hope that they can point us in, well any direction really as at the moment we seem to be adrift with no clear direction. I am trying to view other schools but many are resistant, apparently it’s not normal procedure for parents to view schools for disabled children. Yes it seems we’re simply meant to load them on to a bus each morning and send them miles away to the ‘appropriate setting’ with no clue as to what it’s like. Yeah right. Having a child with ASD means preparation is key, I need to know everything about the school so I can prepare my daughter, not just send her off on her own….at 4!


So it’s generally a bit tense over here, luckily Square Peg Clothing is taking off so I have a positive to focus on. Also next week we are off to Butlins for a midweek break. I cannot tell you how excited I am. I am ignoring the long car journey with two toddlers and am looking forward to staying in a swanky new Butlins hotel….did I hear you laugh at the words swanky and Butlins? (I did too) I bet I’ll prove you wrong when I post the pics. Come on let me win one fight!


One thought on “The fight

  1. I’d like to say I am surprised but seeing as I am still waiting for a return phone call from a special needs school and that was over a month ago, it doesn’t surprise me that God forbid you might actually want to visit somewhere that your child could be potentially spending six hours a day – what a radical thought!!

    Thinking of you, and wishing you strength for the continued fight xx

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