Half Term? Are you kidding me?

So finding out on the Monday morning of half term (which we normally don’t acknowledge with funded nursery places) that funding has finished and you now have a whole week of unplanned, double toddler carnage ahead left me reaching for the caffeine and the calms!

To be honest it’s been a nightmare, my two have a routine and a level of freedom at nursery that they just don’t get at home. We live in a rented house so finding little miss knee deep in yellow paint on Monday afternoon was just the tip of the iceberg. Sleep patterns were destroyed (along with any bit of organisation I manage to balance with three hours freedom a day,) with both children falling asleep mid afternoon and then partying all night. My aim was to just get out as much as humanly possibly which is easier said than done with a double SEN buggy, a toddler and a preschooler..in February….in the UK!

Thanks to a taxi trip we got to the donkey sanctuary where little miss got two rides with one super long trot which she loved and the little man got to tear around playing for a while after his ride. We went on a road trip with nanny, nowhere fun but it got us out of the house and made her working day a bit more interesting.

We even managed a trip into town via choo choo to meet up with a teacher friend which is of course a half term ritual.

I did manage to put on my creative hat now and again but let’s face it my girlie isn’t happier anywhere other than here:


We made a shoot (for cars but they were too big so we substituted them for our spare change tin.) This was a frustrating but useful exercise in sharing as a combination of Autism and a two year old means this concept is pretty non existent! Both loved sending the coins flying down the tube though.



Letters have always been important to the girlie so this easy painting craft with masking tape and sponges went down well, as did the peel and reveal!





And we did a bit of baking:




But I am seriously ready for next Monday! #exhausted


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