Books, books and speaking Spanish

It’s just a typical day…that was until the boy became obsessed with books. He’s 25 months and has never been wildly into them but one day he decided that they looked interesting and now we have to read every book on the bookshelf with lots of pointing and “Ugh?” sounds which I gather means “What’s that Mummy?”

On the same day the girl started walking around the room saying

Lunes, Martes, Miercoles, Jueves, Vienes, Sabado, …mingoooo!

Whilst this is very cute and rather impressive at 3 I really would rather it if she focused on English first which although she has a fairly huge vocabulary is still really not massively useful. I’s lovely to hear green trees, blue sky, yellow sun over and over but until these words mean something other than a rehearsed script they’re about as useful as her Spanish days of the week.

1535484_10151909381912746_1443769298_nA year ago I never had any idea of the intricate brain that is ticking away in her head, we just need to make it work for her x


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