Always waiting…

So it’s been 12 weeks since I asked DLA (Disability Living Allowance) to reconsider their decision which states that my daughter chooses not to walk whilst in public which therefore makes her not “mentally impaired” enough to be granted the mobility component. Yes you read that phrase correctly mentally impaired, this is what I have to prove to get the help which she should automatically receive…how lovely. Well 12 weeks ago I did just that and yesterday I was informed her case hasn’t even been looked at, considering they tell you it’s a 12 week process this really isn’t the news I was hoping to hear. If we are granted mobility allowance we’ll be able to afford taxis and if when I learn to drive I will be helped with costs. I’ll also be allowed a blue badge so getting dropped off places by family will be so much easier!

Last week as the little lady freaked out in the street as she thought we were going into a particular house which we weren’t, I secretly prayed that DLA were filming us undercover but now I guess I know that idea is even more ludicrous than I originally imagined.

Better stop holding my breath I guess!


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