So this is Christmas

I hope you had fun! We certainly did, we kept it as simple as possible for the little lady to prevent any upset and thankfully it was a success. She wasn’t made to open any presents or take part in any ‘typically’ Christmassy activities, she was just allowed to float around and do what she wanted to do. I only really bought her one present, but it went down pretty well as she spent most of Christmas morning snuggled up inside it. This is success!


The little man loves opening presents, it was his second birthday four days before Christmas so he’s a professional unwrapper by now. His toys had wheels, to drag, to spin, to push, he loved everything.


Over Christmas dinner the boy joined in and the girl went to bed (which is about standard in our house)


Two days later and there are still presents under the tree for the girlie, no doubt her brother will help her unwrap them. If it were left to her…lets just say they’d still be there next Christmas.

So that was our lovely, stress free, merry little Christmas. I hope yours went as well x


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