Small steps and giant leaps

So the little man often gets overlooked on my blog as he has many less ‘issues’ than his big sister. At 21 months he still hasn’t started speaking yet and has started to slip behind in a few other key areas, eg he’s not pointing to body parts or animals in books etc. It’s all very subtle but noticeable enough to have been referred to a paediatrician next week to take a closer look at his progress (as the sibling of an ASD child.)

A few weeks back I enrolled him in a mini rugby group for a bit of social interaction and to try and tire my duracell bunny out. It hasn’t gone great guns thus far as he’s noticeably younger than everyone else but his friend (and his mum) go which help both him and I out.


He practices his exercises all week then in the class he is overwhelmed; bags filled with rugby balls, flickering lights, juice bottles strewn about inviting him away way from the action. I’m always disappointed but more for him as I know at home he’s so proud of himself when he kicks a ball or ‘cracks an egg.’

Well this was little man’s week,  after a shaky start he managed to join in with the tag rugby for the first time in class (which resulted in me running after him like a crazy lady while he held his tag in hand and ran in the opposite direction laughing his head off) and actually kicked the ball 4 times. The first time was in front of his teacher and having everyone burst into spontaneous cheering spurred him on for the other 3 kicks.

He still isn’t following the other children and joining in but I’m happy to take it slowly and keep practicing at home. When faced with a child with Autism you come to expect that joining in won’t happen but luckily he likes children buy hasn’t worked out yet that he actually canjoin in. His sister with her limited speech loves the mantra “One,  Too,  Wree, wiggle, wiggle, kick!” and I hope to take her along to a class as I’m sure she’ll love watching the children running around shouting and shrieking.  I hope she’ll enjoy watching her brother (anythings possible) and feel even an ounce I feel everything there’s a minute of progress.

Getting a sticker is his favourite part of the class which is strange as he hates stickers!

Ethans Escapades


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