Angry Rant.

Today I received a letter saying that the little lady has been refused mobility allowance.  To get mobility allowance for a child under 5 years old you have to show evidence that they cannot walk or that they are (I quote) severely mentally impaired. 


My daughter can walk,  she can run and climb and has even learned to kick a ball in the last few weeks.  She can do this indoors but open the front door and all this ability falls away.  Getting her from the doorstep into a car on the drive can be a a battle at times as she will do one of two things: run or drop to the floor like a rag doll. She has no awareness of traffic, people or really anything when outside.  Because of this Wheelchair Services have granted her a special needs pushchair as she has out grown the standard pushchair we have.
A letter from the little ladies nursery stated that her general understanding has improved over the last few months,  which it has, but during her 15 hours a week they never take her outside (other than the playground which it took her months to learn to navigate) so how can this comment have any bearing?
The people in the Disability Living Allowance office have decided that this one sentence proves she has no mental delay.  What? My daughter is almost 3 and a half and has never had a conversation,  is not toilet trained and doesn’t interact with any other children amongst other things but sure that’s not a delay that’s just…. Hmm no comment.
I am now in the position that I have to appeal,  I have to contact professionals to back me up, I have to take time out of all three of our lives to try and rectify this astounding error. I’m not someone who believes that if you can get it you should do but I think if there is something you truly deserve you shouldn’t have to deal with a department of people who apparently seem to pick people’s need at random!

Sorry for the rant,  I kind of feel better :-\


4 thoughts on “Angry Rant.

  1. Awareness is building. Keep blogging, keep ranting, we hear ya. People will start to understand and the system will follow. We can make change.

    Enroll people around you in your fight. Don’t under estimate the power of third party credibility. People fighting on your behalf comes in louder and clearer.


  2. My first port of call would be OT. They’re usually brilliant in this area and will make sure the administrative staff in the DWP office are either too confused or embarrassed to argue.

    My son had his school admissions appeal turned down and was fobbed off by the consultant paediatrician because although his teachers made very clear the crippling difficulties my son has always had emotionally and socially – they made the fatal mistake of saying what a nice, friendly, pleasant kid he is and how with the right support and more focus on improving confidence and self-esteem, there had been some real progress during that last year.

    The point they were making was that he needed more emotional and social support in order to reach his full potential in terms of academic achievement but the words “There has been progress this year” sealed it and they were convinced I was neurotic and he had an ability to overcome his issues and didn’t need any specific help.

    Whilst I understand it’s not something everyone agrees with, I’d milk the extent and severity of mobility problems as much as possible but without blatantly lying. I’m a care manger and once had a guy from DWP show up to check whether the 98yr old lady who’d undergone an above the knee amputation earlier that year, had osteoporosis and was incontinent of urine really was unable to walk.

    One elderly gentleman in his nineties was refused funding for residential care at panel four times in a row because they didn’t believe enough had been done to attempt rehabilitation and help improve his mobility. The poor man was on oxygen 20hrs a day, had short term memory loss so would forget he wouldn’t be able to make it halfway across the room without getting breathless and then fall again. In the end, I had to use the “ways and means” act and essentially tell a few fibs and call on one or two handy colleagues to say he’d been assessed and was considered unsuitable for rehab and at serious risk without 24hr residential care.

    Shouldn’t have to fiddle records and tell porkies to get people the services and support they ought to already have in place but occasionally, needs must.

    When you’ve won your appeal, be sure to take all that info and submit a very thorough complaint about the fact you had all this to go through because of someone that hasn’t a clue. Mention that despite what they obviously believed to be the case, your daughter does other things outside of the short period of time she’s at nursery (where she has constant supervision from trained staff within a purpose built and easily accessible building specifically designed to provide children with a safe environment)

    I find that pointing out the absurdities of these people is actually quite cathartic. 🙂

    1. Haha, thanks so much for this. It’s awful that people have to milk the system when there is an obvious need. Then again I often am outraged at people with little need milking the system and getting more than they and we need grrr.

  3. Exactly. I’ve never worked the system for anything that wasn’t already long overdue in the first place and don’t technically lie either so for that reason, make absolutely no apologies for occasionally fettling forms and being a bit economical with the truth. If I didn’t, an awful lot of people would’ve spent their remaining months, weeks and days on this earth struggling their way through dire circumstances.

    Anyway, keep us posted and feel free to give me a shout if there’s anything you think I might be able to help with. 🙂

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