Trip to the Sealife Centre

Last week was pretty crazy, we had four day trips in as many days which basically made for one knackered mama with very tired arms (pushing 50kg worth of pram will do that.)

Our first trip was with my oldest friend to the Birmingham Sealife Centre. I have to be honest and say from the outset that I wasn’t expecting much. I went years ago when it first opened and was bitterly disappointed as it was just very small. Thankfully this has changed.

Venturing to any tourist destination with a pushchair is always a bit daunting, will it be a complete waste of time and money is my usual concern. The Sealife Centre have done a very good job at making everything very accessible and the little ones for the vast majority of the time had a great view.


20130904-152118.jpg Little man just loved everything and pretty much every tank scored a resounding “oooh” from him.

20130904-153103.jpg The girly as usual is harder to please but even she was engrossed. I do wonder if she recognised some if the creatures from the Blue Planet DVDs she loves so much.


20130904-153442.jpg Thankfully she was strapped in her seat for fear of her jumping in the first tank she saw.

The 4D cinema was fun (probably more for us adults) but the 3D glasses were a bit useless. The kiddies obviously didn’t wear there’s making more of a fuzzy 1D experience but not really a big issue.

I liked the fact that children (not mine) could touch a starfish and listen to a little talk about them.

I didn’t get a chance to check out the toilet/changing facilities but I’m hoping they were older-disabled-child friendly as the rest of our visit was fab.

This is not a sponsored post but with a combination of free carers, children under 3 and free teachers tickets is was a free trip.


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